Pepe Reina states that Napoli can’t get overconfident

Pepe Reina continues being one of the main stars of Napoli as the Spanish goal-keeper has played a huge role in the impressive defensive record that Napoli has sustained in this season of the Serie A. Napoli has only conceded 13 goals in 17 appearances which is one of the best records of the Italian league so far.

Napoli recently saw their unbeaten streak of 18 matches reaching its end after sustaining a surprising 3-2 defeat against Bologna. Pepe Reina believes that one of the main reasons of why his team lost this match was due to his teammates being too overconfident.

“We did not start the game with the right humility. We conceded two goals in the opening 20 minutes, something that is extremely rare. When we started playing better, there was my mistake that cost us the game.The Coach had spoken to us at half-time and said it only needed a goal to re-open the game, but unfortunately my mistake was crucial.At the end two magic shots from Gonzalo Higuain gave us hope, but it was not enough to avoid defeat.” Napoli’s Pepe Reina said.

Maurizio Zarri and his players have turned into one of the favorites on lifting the Serie A title of this season and Pepe Reina along with Gonzalo Higuain are some of the most influential figures of the team as both of them have done a superb job in their respective roles but despite this surprisingly amazing first half of the season, Reina does not consider his team to be favorites on winning the Italian League, at least not as much in comparison to Juventus, As.Roma and Inter Milan which are also on the race for glory.

“Juve, Roma and Inter are the favorites, they have strong squads and can rotate well. Roma are a monstrous squad, but Napoli are ready to challenge them. We have to do well this season, but I won’t say any more because we have to be humble.” Pepe Reina added on as he expressed his thoughts about which teams are the favorites on becoming the champions of Italy.