Is Philippe Senderos playing career over?

For the past few years, the playing career of Philippe Senderos has experienced a huge dip in terms of the amount of matches that he has been performing in as well as the quality of his own performances as the Swiss defender is struggling to get any significant amount of time in the pitch with his current club Rangers but this is something that has been happening for a few years now as Senderos played another minuscule role with his former club Aston Villa.

Over 30 league matches in the Scottish Premiership have been played in this current season of 2017-18 but Philippe Senderos has only started in 4 matches as he has spent the majority of his career on the sidelines as a substitute player.

This season of the Scottish Premiership is reaching it’s end with less than 5 matches remaining and the contract of Philippe Senderos is also entering it’s final stages as he only penned a 1 year long contract with Rangers which will be expiring in a few months’ time on August.

The question that is beginning to emerge now is what will Philippe Senderos do when his contract with Rangers expires as the Swiss defender can opt to extend his playing career further by joining another club but taking into consideration just how lack-luster he has been, would there even be any top clubs interested in securing his services?

There is a rumor that is beginning to spread around surrounding the possibility of Philippe Senderos as a Sporting Director of his former club Grasshoppers Zurich. Whether or not this occurs is something that remains to be seen but it might be time for the 32 year old defender to consider hanging up his boots and take a different path and open a new chapter in his football career.