Joe Bennett, Gary Gardner, NicklasHelenius, Lewis Kinsella, Antonio Luna, AleksandarTonev and Micah Richards are all of the players that so far have been signed by Tim Sherwood and added to his team in Aston Villa.

Despite having already had a fairly busy summer transfer activity, the boss of Aston Villa wants to continue adding players that have a winning mindset and wants to eliminate from the squad those who have a pessimistic attitude from the team.

Aston Villa’s Tim Sherwood told reporters: “I said in the latter stages of last season that there is, unfortunately, a losing mentality in the dressing room at Aston Villa.It is something we need to get rid of. It would help by bringing in new players who are used to winning and, also, it is for my staff to instill into them that it is a clean sheet.Everyone is on a level playing field and we need to move forward.It needs to hurt the players as much as it hurts me to lose football matches.”

Swansea City’s Kyle Bartley and Lyon’s IdrissaGueye are a few of the other summer targets of Tim Sherwood as he considers those players to be winners and capable of bringing a positive atmosphere to the dressing room of the Premier League who can also aid in Aston Villa’s quest of staying alive in the top tier English League. In the previous season, Aston Villa managed to avoid being relegated by only 3 points.

Kyle Bartley is a player that can be signed by Aston Villa without having to spend big bucks as the 24 year old defender does not play an important role in Swansea City and this is evidenced by the fact that Bartley was offloaded to Birmingham City on a season long loan deal and after making his return to Swansea City, he only made 7 appearances.