The defender of the Houston Dynamo on Arsène Wenger, the Invincibles and the way initial days took shape in Texas by a hurricane.

It is being eight years when Philippe Senderos decided to leave Arsenal. Now, the talks show that, though Senderos has left Arsenal, Arsenal would never leave the player. The center back says “Now, I am a fan of this team and I would always want the team to perform its best.”

From a varied career that carried quickly with the Houston Dynamo MLS side, the player is linked with north of London. He began his career with Arsenal at the beginning of the 2003-04 season and that time he was still a teenager, he said in an interview “Because of just five or six years the Premier League had something appealing. There is something in the club I can’t forget and I love it. After coming to Arsenal, I got a dream.”

Senderos, at the beginning of his career with Arsenal, was affected by injury and this was the reason he could make made any solid impact in a team who without any defeat become the winner of the Premier League. He recalled the moment and said, “I clearly remember, I was in the dressing room and was team’s part, I got trained with them, but I failed to get any position in the team, and that is now self-understood for young player of 18-year-old who wanted to be the part of an unbeaten team.

“This was really amazing to see the champions of the team and that was the remarkable site. From the top level, I had that look for the first time and it is unforgettable for me. I love that moment.”